What defines an ATHLETE? Most people think of Olympic athletes or those superstars who play in the NFL.. I think everyone was meant to be an athlete, including you!

By definition, an athlete is someone who competes in an event requiring strength, endurance, and/or agility. I believe there is an athlete in all of us and we should all pursue an activity that grows our athletic abilities. What we become in the process of becoming better athletes and the skills we acquire go beyond the physical benefits. To become better athletes we work to improve:

STRENGTH: The capacity to withstand great force and pressure.

ENDURANCE: The capacity of something to last.

AGILITY: The ability to move, think, and understand quickly.

There are lots of athletic events that require strength, endurance, and agility.  There are also a lot of times in life where we have to be strong to withstand challenges, where we have to make things last even though they're hard, and where we have to think and move quickly when we're thrown unexpected challenges.

I love seeing clients competing and training for Spartans, marathons, multi-day hikes, co-ed soccer games or whatever sport/competition their hearts desire because there is a fire that is ignited within them when they train for something they love. I've seen people's lives be changed because they light the fire within them and become the athlete they were always meant to be.


If you are inexperienced with sports and exercise or have been out of the game  for some time, don't worry! I make sure to ease you into it. I first make sure to address any movement and posture problems and help you get rid of pain. Once we have achieved a good baseline, we can dive into more intense exercise to help you train to become the athlete you were always meant to be!

I would love to help you become that athlete and light that fire! 



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About Vanesa

I am a Southern California native and lover of the beach and mountains.  I graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a B.S. in Kinesiology and I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, a Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Nutritionist. My passion for sports and fitness keeps growing and my knowledge keeps expanding.  Growing up I wasn't too confident in myself because from ages 7-11 I was a chubby kid and even though when I hit puberty I lost the weight, I still had my self image as a chubby kid.  My first interest in fitness came because I wanted to be thin, but I soon realized that no matter how thin I was, it was never enough for me; I was never happy with the way I looked.  But then I developed this interest in lifting weights, in running competitively, in doing pull-ups and push ups, in rock climbing, and in all sorts of crazy physical feats.  My body began to change and although it's not as thin as I wanted to be, I don't care and I love it because it has transformed strongly and beautifully and it has allowed me to things I never thought I could.  Today I continue to push myself in new ways be it lifting a bigger weight, running a Spartan race, trying a new activity; and I continue to learn how to move better, perform better, and be healthier and happier.  I want to be the one to guide you to be the best version of yourself through improving your fitness and other lifestyle changes.  Are you ready to become your best self? Let me help you unleash the strength inside of you!




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