Nutrition Mindset Coaching

Do you love food? You should! Without it you wouldn't be alive and enjoying your life right now. Unfortunately, food is a big stress for a lot of people. And all the hottest new diets and confusing information on the internet make it impossible to know what healthy even is.
You're probably here because you have a bad relationship with food - you are either doing a super strict diet and hate food or you're eating anything and everything and hating yourself for it. 
You probably stick to a diet for a few weeks and see some weight loss but aren't able to sustain that way of eating and go back to your old ways - gaining the weight back. This cycle has probably been going on for years and has you frustrated and unhappy.
The good news is that you know you have to make some changes and I am assuring you that I can coach you through them!
I can help you:
  • Shift your mindset on nutrition and adhere to new habits that will set you up for success.
  • Learn about nutrients and the role they play in our bodies at a pace that you can understand and isn't overwhelming for you.
  • Make small weekly changes that will add up to long term results.
  • Reaffirm that you are in control of your food and that your food is not in control of you. 
  • Learn how to plan ahead and allow "fun" foods into your life without having to stress or feel guilty, and more importantly without sabotaging your progress.
If you are invested in your health and understand that it is always your choice to make healthier decisions, then I encourage to apply for my Nutrition Mindset Coaching!
Food doesn't have to stress you out. It's meant to nourish you and to help you function optimally so that you can enjoy your life fully!
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