Become Invincible

My Mission is to help women feel invincible! In the gym, in their careers, in their relationships, and in their lives in general. . I remember that I wouldn’t go into the weight room in college because I didn’t really know what I was doing and felt super uncomfortable. As a result, I did only cardio and didn’t get the results I wanted. . I went through stages when I didn’t even look forward to eating because I was depriving myself of a lot of the foods that I like. Once I got so tired of eating bland and tasteless food, I ate all the food I could haha and of course this didn’t help me get the results I was looking for. . I definitely went through a stage in college where all I did was work, go to class, and go back to my room and do nothing but eat and watch tv. I was to unhappy and too low in confidence to go out and do anything. . I am so glad that strength training came into my life because it helped me come out of my shell and gave me the confidence to try new things. I knew that if I could pick up a heavy barbell off the ground then I could do anything. I started eating to perform better, to nourish my body, and started enjoying my food a lot more. . Because I started to lift heavy I slowly became INVINCIBLE! I want to show other women how they can do it too!! . Apply to my 12-Week Becoming Invincible Program if you want to feel INVINCIBLE too! ✨ #invincible

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