Become Your Strongest Self!

Are you ready to be Strong AF!? And I don't just mean being strong physically, but being strong mentally and spiritually. To not just be able to lift heavy weights, run fast, do pull ups, and crazy ninja obstacles; but to also have the ability to overcome obstacles, to do what you want not caring what others think, and to have the courage to show up as your best and true self every day and work towards making your dreams a reality.
Here's my story..
In the picture on the left, I had worked so hard to be thin. I was eating very little to look the way I thought I was supposed to look; I was self conscious and concerned about what others thought about me. My actions were dictated by what I thought others wanted from me. I felt horrible, I was weak, I was lost, I hated my self.
Now, in the picture in the right, I still work hard (even harder), but now I work to be strong, to be fast, to win. I'm not concerned with how I look, but with how I feel and I feel like Superwoman! I can lift super heavy, I can do pull ups and push ups, I compete in Spartan races; but what's even better is that I love my self and my body for what it can do; I love myself and believe in myself because I've overcame so much; I love myself because I've had the courage to be who I want to be and go after the dreams I never I thought I could achieve.
In my quest for physical strength, I built a resilient mindset and connected to my spirituality. I left behind DOING what I thought others wanted me to do and instead started BEING me.
It is amazing to be able to lift heavy weights, do pull ups and push ups, crazy ninja obstacles, and climb mountains; but, it's even more amazing to be able to wake up everyday ready to take on your day with the confidence that you can accomplish anything, to know that you can overcome any obstacle in your way, and to not be scared to dream big because you know there is no such thing as a dream that is too big.
I was able to go from a girl who was weak to a woman who is strong, from a girl who was terribly shy to a woman who is not afraid to speak her mind, from a girl who was super low in confidence to a woman who believes in herself and is not afraid to go after what she wants, from girl who was in constant fear of not being enough and not having enough to a woman who is constantly growing and learning and calling more abundance and opportunities to her, from a girl who hated herself and the way she looked to a woman who loves herself and pushes herself everyday to be better.
Being an athlete starts with pushing and taking care of your body, but it goes way beyond that.  It takes discipline, dedication, commitment, goal setting, planning, resilience, and a never give up attitude to achieve physical strength. And you can apply those traits to anything in your life. If you can build a belief so strong to change your body, don't you think you can believe in yourself enough to change your career, to build better relationships, and to follow your dreams. I learned how to do this and I want to help you do the same!
If you're ready to be an athlete, to lift heavy weights, to do pull ups and push ups, to do crazy races and competitions; if you're ready to be confident in yourself and in what you do; if you're ready to work hard and willing to be uncomfortable to get what you want, then apply for my 12 week coaching program!
In this program you will receive:
- A personalized strength training program that caters to your current fitness level and helps you get stronger everyday.
-Nutrition coaching to help you turn your current eating habits into healthy ones so that you can support the healthy and strong body you are building
-Mindset coaching to help you embrace change and adhere to the program even when it's hard and you don't want to do it. You will also learn to change your perspective on yourself and fitness so that you can build lasting fitness.
-Accountability and constant check ins to make sure you're consistent
-Tough love: I will not take your crap and will not let you fail :)
If you believe this program is for you, then fill out the form below and I will contact you. If you're a good fit, then we'll go from there.
Here to help you be your strongest self,
Vanesa Suazo
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